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Tea Evalar Bio Senna 1 N20
Tea Evalar Bio Senna 1 N20
Product Code: 065156 Evalar

Tea Evalar Bio Senna 1 N20

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Tea Evalar Bio Senna 1 N20 Sachets / Pack


senna leaves.

1 filter bag per day provides at least 10 mg of anthracene derivatives (chrysophanoic acid), which is 100% of the adequate level of consumption.


Evalar BIO Senna tea - has a mild laxative effect

How do the ingredients work?

Norway cassia (Cassia acutifolia Del.) Or Cassia angustifolia (Cassia angustifolia Vahl.), Herewith. bean Fabaceae - perennial dwarf shrubs.

Senna leaves contain antraglycosides and anthracene derivatives, flavonoids; chrysophane, palmitic, salicylic, linoleic, stearic and other organic acids; resins; trace elements

Due to the content of sennozid senna leaves have a laxative effect, increase the motor function of the intestine, especially the fat one. With prolonged use, cassia has no toxic effect on the body, does not cause subsequent constipation, acts gently, painlessly and slowly, therefore cassia infusion is recommended to be taken at night

Advantages of tea "Evalar BIO"

-100% natural composition. Most of the herbs included in the composition are collected in the Altai or grown on their own Evalar plantations in the ecologically clean foothills of the Altai without the use of chemicals and pesticides;

- High microbiological purity of teas is ensured by a mild processing method - “instant steam” - on a modern French installation;

-For the best preservation of healing properties, delicate taste and aroma of herbal tea, each filter bag is individually packed in a multi-layered protective envelope.

Feel the natural power of Altai in the herbal teas of Evalar Bio.

Tea Evalar Bio - health in each cup.

GMP purity and quality guarantee.

Crushed pieces of leaves, stems, petioles, petals, sepals, leaves of fruits and seeds. The contents of the filter package are light green in color, with yellow, white or brown patches. The smell is weak, corresponding to the raw materials used.

Sales features

Without a license

Special conditions

Before use, consult with your doctor.


Evalar BIO Senna tea - has a mild laxative effect


With individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute intestinal diseases, tendency to diarrhea.