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MI&KO Orange Hand Lotion with bactericidal effect, 10 ml
MI&KO Orange Hand Lotion with bactericidal effect, 10 ml
Product Code: 40803 Mi&Ko

MI&KO Orange Hand Lotion with bactericidal effect, 10 ml

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MI&KO Orange Hand Lotion with bactericidal effect, 10 ml: characteristics

Health care is, among other things, confidence in clean hands. On a picnic and on a walk, in transport, a hospital and a library ... This applies to both adults and children! Fortunately, even a child is not at all difficult to rub the fragrant drop of Orange hand lotion in his hands.

And the lotion, in turn, solves three strategic tasks at once:
  • Disinfects. Thanks to proven natural antiseptics, the drug acts as a natural sanitizer. All the ingredients are absolutely safe and even healthy, so it’s not scary if a little lotion gets from the skin of the hands to food or to the face.
  • Caring. Lotion maintains the skin soft and well-groomed during the day, tones it and slows the aging process.
  • Heals. Practice shows: if the lotion is applied to the wound, scratch, peeling - everything goes much faster.
Let's not forget another important nuance: aroma! Sweet camphor, with notes of orange and basil, it will make your day happier and brighter!

The main active ingredients:
Sweet Orange Essential Oil - a solar elixir that tones and smoothes the skin, satisfies its vitamin hunger. An excellent antiseptic: neutralizes pathogenic microbes, treats irritations and dermatitis.
Tea Tree Essential Oil has earned immense recognition in the professional dermatology and cosmetology, one of the best natural microbicides. It disinfects the skin, heals microtraumas, refreshes and evens out the tone.

Why would you like hand lotion Orange?
  • It is instantly absorbed, leaving no greasiness or stickiness.
  • It will help maintain hand hygiene on a walk, on a picnic, in a public place.
  • This is an extra care for your hands: softening, toning and anti-aging.
  • It heals wounds, chapping, dermatitis.
  • It makes you feel good with a pleasant aroma that lingers on the skin!

Composition:Artesian water, sage Hydrolat, scleroglucan (natural thickener), honeysuckle extract (natural preservative), essential oil of orange, eucalyptus, basil, tea tree, lactic acid.

Application method:Apply the lotion in the palm of your hand and rub until completely dry. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to components.
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