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Librederm serum-activator hyaluron moisturizing 30ml
Librederm serum-activator hyaluron moisturizing 30ml
Product Code: LD-s-a-hyaluron-moist LIBREDERM

Librederm serum-activator hyaluron moisturizing 30ml

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Librederm serum-activator hyaluron moisturizing 30ml


Water of special purification, hydroxyethylurea, glycerin (s) glyceryl acrylate / copolymer of acrylic acid (and) propylene glycol, octyl stearate, sodium polyacrylate (and) hydrogenated polydecene (s) tridecet-6, butylene glycol (s) filtrate of Alteromonas enzymes, hydrolyzed soy protein, Cyclopentasiloxane, phenoxyethanol (and) ethylhexylglycerol, sodium hyaluronate. pharmachologic effect

Hyaluronic serum activator maximally moistens even the driest skin, activates the processes of developing its own protective and moisturizing components.

Acts immediately in 3 directions from inside and outside:


Hyaluronic serum activator contains:

• an increased amount of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for deep moistening of your skin,

• a unique component of the filtrate of the enzymes Alteromonas, which can enhance the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid in the skin up to 128%! • Hydrolyzed soy protein containing a large number of amino acids and peptide-containing substances to protect the skin from moisture loss.


 The unique composition of the serum stimulates the synthesis of lipids and positively affects the barrier functions of the skin, restores the release of filaggrin, the source of the natural moisturizing factor.

Improved appearance:

After using Librederm® activator serum, the skin looks much more supple, taut and smooth, the complexion and texture of the skin improves, redness and flaking disappear

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