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Hydrolate MI&KO Sage, 50 ml
Hydrolate MI&KO Sage, 50 ml
Product Code: 40830 Mi&Ko

Hydrolate MI&KO "Sage", 50 ml

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Hydrolate MI&KO "Sage", 50 ml: characteristics

Sage Hydrolate is a powerful antioxidant.

It is used to combat wrinkles for all skin types.

Useful as a tonic for normal, oily and combination skin. Stimulates blood circulation, tones blood vessels.

Due to the fact that sage also has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is successfully used to care for both mature and problem skin - it eliminates pustular rashes and subcutaneous acne.

Regulates the menstrual cycle, normalizes hormonal levels, reduces the symptoms of PMS, cramps, swelling (in the form of compresses on the lower abdomen). Compresses and baths with sage Hydrolat remove fluid and acids from the joints.

An effective oral care product that relieves gum disease.

Application method:
Use as a face tonic: spray on previously cleansed face and neck skin, then immediately apply cream or cosmetic oil to a damp face.

Composition:Sage Hydrolate.
Face Skin Type
Жирная и комбинированная