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Hydrolate MI&KO Rosemary, 50 ml
Hydrolate MI&KO Rosemary, 50 ml
Product Code: 40832 Mi&Ko

Hydrolate MI&KO "Rosemary", 50 ml

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Hydrolate MI&KO "Rosemary", 50 ml: characteristics

Hydrolate "Rosemary" Mi&Ko relieves skin irritation, helps with acne, bruises, rough skin.

In the form of steam inhalations and hot compresses, cleanses pores, tones, refreshes the skin. Suitable for cleansing all skin types.

Rosemary Hydrolate has strong antioxidant properties.

In winter, it is recommended to instill a few drops of rosemary in the nose to prevent colds and moisturize the mucous membranes. Hot compresses with rosemary water help with ear infections.

Application method:
Use as a face tonic: spray on previously cleansed face and neck skin, then immediately apply cream or cosmetic oil to a damp face.

Composition:Rosemary Hydrolate.
Face Skin Type
All Types of Hair