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Hydrolate MI&KO Rose, 50 ml
Hydrolate MI&KO Rose, 50 ml
Product Code: 40833 Mi&Ko

Hydrolate MI&KO "Rose", 50 ml

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Hydrolate MI&KO "Rose", 50 ml: characteristics

Rose water has calming, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mild antiseptic and slightly astringent allows the successful use of rose water for skin care.

In its pure form, rose water is good as a soft tonic, and when mixed with alcohol and essential oils, it is a more powerful skin care product.

Rose water can be safely used to care for the most sensitive skin, and this is also the only tonic, recommended for people with dry skin.

Useful advice: to rest your eyes and become clear, put cotton swabs moistened with pink water on your eyelids. This water is also a very good treatment for conjunctivitis.

Application method:
Use as a face tonic: spray on previously cleansed face and neck skin, then immediately apply cream or cosmetic oil to a damp face.

Composition:Rose Hydrolate.
Face Skin Type
All Types of Hair