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Hydrolate MI&KO Neroli, 50 ml
Hydrolate MI&KO Neroli, 50 ml
Product Code: 40834 Mi&Ko

Hydrolate MI&KO "Neroli", 50 ml

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Hydrolate MI&KO "Neroli", 50 ml: characteristics

Neroli water is ideal for delicate, sensitive skin, and due to its astringent properties it will be useful for owners of oily and combination skin.

If you have dry skin you should either refrain from using neroly water or use no more than 20% in mixture with lavender, rose and geranium water.

Neroli Hydrolate is an excellent tonic, removes acne, relieves irritation, and helps with rosacea.

It has antispasmodic, antibacterial and antifungal effects. When applied to the lower abdomen or biologically active points facilitates bloating (especially caused by stress), flatulence, cramping, constipation.

Application method:
Use as a face tonic: spray on previously cleansed face and neck skin, then immediately apply cream or cosmetic oil to a damp face.

Composition:Hydrolate neroli.
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