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Hand cream MI&KO Chic for dry and sensitive skin, 30 ml
Hand cream MI&KO Chic for dry and sensitive skin, 30 ml
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Hand cream MI&KO "Chic" for dry and sensitive skin, 30 ml

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Hand cream MI&KO "Chic" for dry and sensitive skin, 30 ml: characteristics

It is difficult to keep the skin of your hands soft and tender in the cold wind. Pure water, rosehip oil, honeysuckle extract, wheat proteins, a bit of magic ... From selected, exclusively natural ingredients, " Chic hand cream is created that can soothe and restore irritated and weathered skin. It removes redness and inflammation, heals cracks, leaving a moist, soft skin with a light, subtle unobtrusive aroma.

The cream does not contain essential oils, and therefore is suitable even for allergy sufferers and owners of hypersensitive skin.

Main active substances:
Rosehip Seed Oil extremely useful for dry, sensitive, irritated and problematic skin. Quickly restores skin and heals defects, reduces traces of post-acne, evens complexion, slows down the aging process.
Wheat germ oil slows down the aging process, creates an antioxidant barrier and restores skin elasticity. “Revitalizes” mature skin, tightens and restores tired and sagging.

Other components:
Neem Wax - natural emulsifier with pronounced healing properties. Disinfects the skin, helps relieve irritations.
Sweet almond oil - light nutritious oil, full of vitamins (E, A, F, group B). Softens, reduces irritation, slows the aging process. Especially recommended for owners of mature and tired skin.
Wheat Proteins rich in amino acids, which serve as building material to strengthen the skin frame, restore its firmness and elasticity.
Lactic acid - The "gold standard" among AHA acids. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, creates the effect of an aqueous membrane, gives balanced moisture and strengthens the barrier properties of the skin.
Honeysuckle extract rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which strengthen the capillary walls. Reduces the signs of rosacea, disinfects skin, relieves stress and helps to gain a healthy glow.
Jojoba oil - one of the richest cosmetic vegetable oils. It is easily and completely absorbed, nourishing and restoring the skin. Forms a protective breathable film on the surface.
Sage extract acts like its aroma: relaxes, relieves stress, sets up for relaxation. Heals skin microtraumas, disinfects and improves blood circulation.
Together with the extract of mackleia provide anti-inflammatory effect, normalize oily skin.

Composition:artesian water, neem wax, sweet almond oil, rosehip seed oil, vegetable glycerin, wheat protein, lactic acid, honeysuckle extract, jojoba oil, cetyl alcohol, wheat germ oil, sage extracts, maklei.

Application method:Apply a small amount of cream with light massage movements on the skin of the hands. After 5 minutes, remove the remaining cream with a napkin.
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