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Fluid for nails MI&KO Ylang-Ylang, 15 ml
Fluid for nails MI&KO Ylang-Ylang, 15 ml
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Fluid for nails MI&KO "Ylang-Ylang", 15 ml

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Fluid for nails MI&KO "Ylang-Ylang", 15 ml: characteristics

Do your fingertips dry out, your nails become dull, and does the cuticle require additional hydration? Common situation! We encounter it at home and at the office, in the dry heating season and even in the warm time of the year. What should you do? It takes only few seconds of your time and a drop of light fluid for the ylang-ylang nails!
The product is ideally distributed over the nails and is instantly absorbed, moisturizing the nail plates, cuticles and the skin around the nails. You just have to calmly go about your business. And don’t worry, there will be no oily prints on your clothes! It is not necessary to reconcile with the discomfort, to endure the dryness, hangnails and brittle nails. Make a habit of regularly using " Ylang-Ylang fluid, and in just a couple of weeks your hands will change.

Main active substances:
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - A proven tool for restoring thin, brittle and exfoliating nails. Strengthens the nail plate, cares for cuticles. Strong antiseptic: improves microflora, provides prophylaxis of fungal diseases.

Other components:
Sweet almond oil rich in vitamin E, which acts as a powerful natural antioxidant. Beneficial effect on the skin condition of hands and nails and makes the nails more smooth, shiny, strong, prevents their separation.
Rice bran oil - one of the most reputable oils for strengthening and protecting nails. Restores and conditions dry skin around nails, softens the cuticle, reducing the risk of burrs. Nourishes nails, makes them more durable and elastic.
Soy wax - The secret of "glossy" nails. It fills microcracks and irregularities of the nail, evens out and creates a protective layer that prevents delamination and damage.
Artesian water moisturizes the nail plate, cuticle and skin around the nails. Thanks to clean water from deep-lying artesian sources, the product not only nourishes, but also moisturizes.
Lactic acid exfoliates and renews dead skin cells, slightly brightens nails. Restores the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, making the cuticle more healthy and supple. Promotes the penetration of other active components. Lactic acid and Macleia extract are excellent remedies for the prevention and treatment of fungus.
Sage, Hop and Licorice Extracts perfectly disinfect and soothe irritated skin around the nail, accelerate its regeneration. Saturate nails and cuticles with vitamins, minerals and valuable acids.
Horse chestnut extract and honeysuckle extract relieve inflammation, while strengthening the capillaries of thin skin around the nail. In addition, strong antibacterial properties make honeysuckle extract a useful natural preservative.
Echinacea extract protects against destruction hyaluronic acid, which retains large volumes of moisture in the skin, and thereby helps to moisturize the skin. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries of the skin around the nails.
Horsetail extract rich in silicon, which strengthens nails. Improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues around the nails.
Burdock extract more than 40% consists of the natural prebiotic inulin, which perfectly moisturizes the skin and contributes to the development of beneficial microflora. Restores a healthy ecosystem of the skin, strengthens nails.
Myrrh essential oil - one of the best oils for nourishing and strengthening nails, as well as preventing their stratification.

Composition:artesian water, neem wax, vegetable glycerin, rice bran oil, almond oil, lactic acid, honeysuckle extract, cetyl alcohol, essential oils of ylang-ylang, myrrh, macklea extract, sage, echinacea, horse chestnut, hop, horsetail, burdock extract licorice.

Application method:Apply a small amount of fluid directly to the nails, massage until absorbed.
Do not use if you are hypersensitive to components.
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