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About Us

Dear Customer,

Welcome to Store, there you can get only genuine products for an affordable price.

We are very glad to see a newcoming customers.  We hope to do buisness with all our customers on a regular basis.

 Welcome to the Apteka Store, where you're able to get cosmetics and some other goods from Russia for an affordable price.

What We Sell.

The Apteka Store provides genuine cosmetics from Russia for an affordable price.

By choosing to use the Store you're getting quality guaranteed.

A Little More About Us.

We a happy to provide the best service we can. We want every customer that works with us to be satisfied with the purchase. By being happy with your purchase, you're making us that much better of a company overall. This allows us to know that we are doing our job right.

We have been in business for more than four years providing product from Russia with worldwide shipping.

Thank you for visiting our store and we hope you have a good time looking around at all that we have to offer. 

With best regards, Online Store